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RPCM.CLOUD update 0.14.0 - Telegram notifications, direct links and more...


Hooray! We're finally releasing a large update to our lovely RPCM.CLOUD (0.14.0) - we're continuing to make it more useful and usable for you

RPCM Software 0.9.34 released!


Dear Customers: We're happy to announce a new release of RPCM Software 0.9.34.

Press-release on RPCM Software 0.9.1 Update


After many months of development and thorough testing, today RCNTEC is very glad to release RPCM Software 0.9.1.

RPCM IOS APP 1.2.0 Mobile App Release


RCNTEC continues improving mobile user experience for its customers. Last week the company has released the new RPCM iOS App Version 1.2.0.

COMPLAUD v1.15 released with automatic PCI DSS v3.2.1 compliance verification


RCNTEC has released an update to the COMPLAUD v1.15 automated information security audit system, to which we have added checking of the infrastructure compliance to the PCI DSS v3.2.1 standard for Microsoft Windows 2012 R2.

RCNTEC RPCM.CLOUD improved Groups, Maps, Graphs and Ports in release 0.13.0


Today we're announcing the release of RPCM.CLOUD update version 0.13.0.

RPCM iOS App 1.1.4 with support for your direct current devices and with geographical map


You're going to enjoy RPCM iOS App version 1.1.4 cloud functionality. Here's what has appeared in the new version.

RPCM.CLOUD has been updated to version 0.12.0 featuring smarter filters, warranty expiration reminders and interface improvements!


RCNTEC, the manufacturer of RPCM Smart PDUs has released the update version 0.12.0 of the RPCM.CLOUD.

RCNTEC has released version 0.11.0 of RPCM.CLOUD


RCNTEC has announced the release of RPCM.CLOUD update v0.11.0.

RCNTEC has launched RPCM.CLOUD


RCNTEC has announced the production release of RPCM.CLOUD - the out-of-box cloud based power monitoring and management solution for RPCM Smart PDUs

RPCMs in Las Vegas!


RCNTEC is extremely happy to announce that the Smartest PDUs in the world for Mining – RPCMs will be displayed at World Crypto Conference “Vegas Blockchain Week 2019” on 30-31 October, Las Vegas, NV at Coin Miner's M4 booth!

RPCM Software 0.8.1: The Smartest PDUs in the World just got even better!


It's been a while since we released the last Software update for RPCM. We know many of you have been waiting and asking when the update will be available. Finally, we're happy to announce that this day has come! Today we are releasing RPCM Software 0.8.1with lots of new features, bug fixes and improvements!

RCNTEC Releases New Information Security Monitoring System COMPLAUD


Release 1.14 adds graphs showing the dynamics of the state of information security of the infrastructure.

RPCMs will be displayed at annual Cryptocurrency, Mining and Blockchain Disruptive Tech Event


RCNTEC is happy to announce that the Smartest PDUs in the world for Mining - RPCMs will be displayed at annual Cryptocurrency, Mining and Blockchain Disruptive Tech Event on 24 July, 2019 in Miami, FL, USA. RPCM 3x250 and RPCM ME will be presented at the booth of RCNTEC's distribution partner in North America - Coinminer LLC.

RCNTEC has released a major update of COMPLAUD - near-realtime compliance monitoring and vulnerability auditing cloud system


The COMPLAUD system is designed for continuous 24x7 monitoring of information security vulnerabilities and verification of infrastructure compliance with world standards.

RPCM Smart PDUs have been integrated into “smart home”


The Kontur group of companies has integrated Smart PDU RPCM from the Russian manufacturer RCNTEC into the “smart home” system for use in private households.

IHome uses RPCM Smart PDUs to increase uptime and reduce total cost of ownership


The innovative telecommunications operator IHome introduced the RPCM Smart PDU from the Russian manufacturer RCNTEC in its data center to ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Intellin chosen the Smart PDU RPCM to ensure the smooth operation of their infrastructure


Multiservice company Intelline chose Smart PDU RPCM by RCNTEC to improve the efficiency and reliability of its own infrastructure.

RCNTEC supplied Smart PDU RPCM to “Salym Petroleum” for improved availability of the communication nodes infrastructure


Smart PDU RPCM from Russian manufacturer RCNTEC were selected by ”Salym Petroleum” (SPD), joint company developing Salym’s group of oil fields in Western Syberia for remote management of telecom equipment.

Swiss Alps Energy AG and RCNTEC have just announced partnership


Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a distributed ledger-based energy supplier and an operator of flexible modular mining infrastructures that are intended for long-term stationary use. Thereby, SAE preserves unused buildings in the Swiss alps and uses them sensibly and without interference with either building structure or the environment.

RPCM Software Release version 0.7.7!


We're happy to announce the new RPCM Software Release version 0.7.7! This is mainly a bugfix release, however it also introduces some security, stability, and usability features and improvements.

RCNTEC after DCDE-2018: a year later and everything’s all “grown-up”!


Exactly a year ago, RCNTEC announced the release of its Smart PDU RPCM for the first time at the annual conference Data Center Design & Engineering (DCDE). Essentially, this was a step in the long road to developing the market in Russia and abroad.

RPCM Software 0.7.1 - new possibilities! Discounts until the end of April 2018!


We're extremely happy to announce after 3 months of super-intensive development a new version of RPCM Software 0.7.1. This update is a big step forward, that makes RPCMs, that already are the most sophisticated Smart PDUs on the planet, even more sophisticated and useful for many of your practical use cases.

Which fields use new power control technologies more actively?


Russian equipment manufacturer, RCNTEC shared its observations.

The Russian product line of Smart PDU RPCM is entering the European markets


RCNTEC presented its product line of Smart PDU RPCM (16A, 32A, and 63A Mining Edition) at the leading worldwide cloud hosting conference CloudFest 2018, which took place in the city of Rust in Germany from March 12th through 16th.

Managing the smart power distribution unit RPCM has become truly mobile


RCNTEC announced the release of a free mobile app for its remote power control module - Resilient Power Control Module (RPCM).

“Made in Russia. Great for Europe!”: RCNTEC's products passed the test for compliance with EU standards


RCNTEC, a Russian developer of horizontally scalable solutions and infrastructure equipment, passed the test and received certificates of compliance with the electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards adopted by the European Parliament for the company’s entire line of innovative remote power control modules RPCM.

A tried and tested device’s new power capacity: RCNTEC announced the release of RPCM with electric current support of 32A on inputs


The Russian developer of horizontally scalable solutions and infrastructure equipment, RCNTEC announced the release of its newer, more powerful version of its remote power control module Resilient Power Control Module with support of 32A on inlets - RPCM 32A.

Merci, Baku! Merci, Bakutel!


Promising meetings, endless excitement at the booth and interest hot like the summer sun of Baku in the remote power control module RPCM - this was RCNTEC's unforgettable week in the hospitable capital of Azerbaijan!

Protect and conquer: RCNTEC has developed a remote power management device for cryptocurrency mining farms


The Russian developer RCNTEC announced the release of its smart power distribution unit (PDU) specifically for mining professionals - the RPCM Mining Edition with electric current level support on a 63A input with a total capacity of 15 kilowatts.

Hosting providers highly praised the remote power control module RPCM at WHD.moscow


On November 9th, RCNTEC demonstrated its innovative remote power control module Resilient Power Control Module (RPCM) to hosting providers from Russia and around the world at the international conference WHD.moscow.

RCNTEC announced the beginning of sales of its remote power control module RPCM


RCNTEC announced the beginning of sales of its innovative remote power control device – Resilient Power Control Module (RPCM).

RCNTEC introduced its Remote Power Control Module at the GITEX 2017 conference


For the first time, RCNTEC demonstrated the capabilities of its Remote Power Control Module (RPCM) in the global market at one of the largest international information and communications technologies exhibitions, GITEX, which took place in Dubai (UAE) from October 8th thru the 12th.

RCNTEC's new version of the two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS receives a series of important updates


RCNTEC, the developer of IT solutions for business, has released an updated version of its free mobile data protection application for companies AUTH.AS: Token for iOS and Android. This new version offers a number of vital changes.

SOCOCO virtual offices have become a platform for business education


RCNTEC’s SOCOCO virtual offices have become the main platform for interactive online training at Field Force Academy (FFA), a subdivision of the ITM Group, a leading Moscow-based trade and marketing agency.

AUTH.AS + Check Point Mobile Access: Reliable Protection for Remote Access


RCNTEC, a software development company based in Russia, has integrated AUTH.AS, its two-factor authentication service, with Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade. Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade is a solution by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), the world’s leading cyber security vendor.

Two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS now available for the platform "1C: Enterprise"


RCNTEC, a Russian developer of IT solutions for businesses, has announced the integration of the two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS with the “1C: Enterprise” platform.

Russian search portal Sputnik gives thumbs up to Polybyte domestic data storage system


Sputnik Search and Service Platform, a subsidiary company of Rostelecom, has completed comprehensive testing of the first Russian horizontally scalable data storage system, Polybyte, a flagship product from IT business solutions developer RCNTEC.

RCNTEC shows how to build reliable IT infrastructure on a national scale in Baku


On June 30, 2017, RCNTEC, the Russian IT solutions developer, held a seminar on its flagship products in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The seminar was supported by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan.

Advanced Russian Information Security Solutions Will Be Presented in Azerbaijan


On the 25th of May the company RCNTEC, together with the leading systems integrator and distributor of Azerbaijan, BestComp Group, presents its developments at the largest international computer security conference, “Information Security Code”.

RCNTEC’s Resilient Sip Box (RSB) has completed BroadSoft testing for technical interoperability


BroadSoft has acknowledged interoperability of the BroadWorks call control platform with the RCNTEC’s Resilient Sip Box gateway. As a result, RCNTEC has become the first Russian Solution Partner of BroadSoft.

RCNTEC Introduces Innovative Solution for Power Management at Data Centers


RCNTEC, creator of the first Russian horizontally-scalable Resilient Cloud Storage data storage system and developer of business IT solutions has announced the release of the Resilient Power Control Module (RPCM), an innovative device to remotely control power for Data Centers.

Number of SOCOCO users went up fivefold last year


According to statistics from RCNTEC, an official reseller of SOCOCO virtual offices in the Russian Federation, CIS and Eastern European countries, the number of registered users reached 5000 by the end of 2016. This is five times more than in December 2015.

Axoft starts partnership with RCNTEC on Resilient Cloud Storage


Axoft, the service IT-distributor in Russia and CIS, and RCNTEC, Russian developer of scalable cloud solutions for business, have concluded a distributor agreement, within the framework of which Axoft will forward the new product — Resilient Cloud Storage system.

RCNTEC completes SAP systems migration to Oracle Exadata for Utkonos online hypermarket.


RCNTEC (АРСИЭНТЕК) – Russian IT developer and business solution provider has finished migration of high-load SAP systems from SPARC platform to Oracle Exadata/x86 for Utkonos online hypermarket – the leader in Internet retail of food and related goods.

The biggest hosting providers have evaluated the Russian data storage system Resilient Cloud Storage


On November 30 at the international conference WHD.moscow RCNTEC, Russian developer of IT-solutions for business, told the biggest hosting providers about the ability to create our own S3 cloud with the help of a modern fully domestic development – Resilient Cloud Storage.

Russian IT-companies are ready to fulfill the tasks set in the president’s message.


On November 30 there was the XI National Congress «Modernization of Russian industry: Priorities for development». RCNTEC, Russian developer of IT solutions for business, made a report at the plenary meeting, dedicated to the model of economic growth for modern Russia.

Russian data storage system «Resilient Cloud Storage» with the support of S3 protocol will help the hosting providers to find new clients.


On November 30 at the international conference WHD.moscow RCNTEC, the Russian developer of IT solutions for business, will demonstrate the benefits of the fully Russian data storage system «Resilient Cloud Storage» with the support of S3 protocol for the development of hosting providers’ business in Russia and the world.

Advanced technologies of RCNTEC at the XI National Congress «Modernization of Russian industry: Development priorities».


RCNTEC, Russian developer of IT-solutions for business, will report about the benefits of domestic researches at the global market, in the environment of the XI National Congress «Modernization of Russian industry: Development priorities» on November 30 at the international trading center in Moscow.

RCNTEC together with «Т-Platforms» and «Platform Cubic» is preparing to enter the Indonesian market


RCNTEC together with «Т-Platforms» and «Platform Cubic» presented their solutions on business-forum, organized by Russia-Indonesia Business Counsil within the XI meeting of the bilateral intergovernmental Commission on trade-economic and technical cooperation. The forum was held on October 31, 2016, in Jakarta.

RCNTEC at Broadsoft Connections 2016


At the annual Broadsoft Connections conference 2016 the company RCNTEC will introduce a telephone RSB (Resilient Sip Box) gateway failover and advanced management conferences EMI (Easy MeetMe Interface). The event is held in November 13-15 in San Antonio, United States.

RCNTEC and "T-platforms" present their developments in Indonesia


RCNTEC, one of the leading Russian developers of IT solutions for business, and "T-Platforms", the leading domestic developer of computer equipment, as part of the Russian delegation of businessmen will present their innovative solutions in the field of IT and information security at the business forum, coincided with the meeting of the intergovernmental commission in the Republic of Indonesia.

RCNTEC developers visit the main Ruby-event of the year in Russia


On the 22 of October the best rubists of Russia and the world gathered together in Moscow at the conference RailsClub 2016.

RCNTEC starts cooperation with OCS Distribution


Moscow. September 5, 2016. The Company OCS has signed a distribution agreement with the company RCNTEC, Russian developer of IT solutions for business. Thus, OCS became the first official distributor RCNTEC products on the Russian market. OCS has included the various solutions of RCNTEC in its product portfolio, including the flagship development - data storage system "Polybyte".

Yarovaya law - is it helpful or harmful? - RCNTEC answers to the questions of the market!


- Which vendors are developing the equipment for the application of the "Yarovaya law"? Does it match the criteria developed by the Ministry of communications and the operators? - Why do we hear such large numbers in the media? Are all of the hardware requirements, in your opinion, justified?- How much money will the operators need to execute the law? How much will be spent on technical hardware support? - To what extent due to all these events the storage market in Russia can grow?

RCNTEC presents the Resilient Cloud Storage system in Kazakhstan, at the International Grand Forum BIT-2016


RCNTEC – a Russian developer of IT solutions for business – continues to present their solutions and products at the leading industry events in Russia and abroad. On June 23, 2016, the company's representatives will talk about the flagship project - the Resilient Cloud Storage system – in the main event of the ICT market of the business capital of Kazakhstan-Almaty – the International Grand Forum "Business and IT. Around Data Centers. Around Call Centers. Around Cloud Technologies. Around Internet and smart decisions for Business. Around IP" (or BIT-2016)

RCNTEC and CROC became partners in the field of promotion of Russian data storage systems


RCNTEC company – a Russian developer of IT solutions for business - signed partnership with a leading system integrator of Russia – CROC – for the joint promotion of flagship development of RCNTEC – unique horizontally scalable storage system of enterprise-class, Resilient Cloud Storage.

SOCOCO helps financial brokers increase their efficiency


MFX Broker Company - one of the leaders on the international market of brokerage services – has made SOCOCO virtual offices their ultimate solution enabling them to communicate between partners and colleagues from the CIS countries, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency of their business processes by 80%.

AUTH.AS has become a real discovery at the «Security Technologies-2016» forum


RCNTEC Company had a chance to present its solutions at the «Security Technologies-2016», exhibition forum which was held in Moscow from February 9th to February 11th of 2016.

RСNTEС has received status of AudioCodes’ partner


AudioCodes Company, a world leader in the area of development of high-tech telecommunication equipment, has completed the procedure of the official registration of partnership with RСNTEС at the beginning of 2016.

RCNTEC invites you to visit its stand at the «Security Technologies» forum


RCNTEC Company will be taking part in one of the main events of this year dedicated to security issues – the «Security Technologies» forum, which will be held from 9th to 11th of February, 2016, in Moscow, at Crocus Congress Hall, Pavilion 3, Hall 20.

The SOCOCO’s virtual offices: thousands of people have already signed up


The 1000th user of the SOCOCO’s virtual offices registered at www.sococo.ru in the middle of December of 2015! This user is a Russian company Box2Box. The team of RCNTEC Company congratulates the jubilee customer!