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Two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS

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These days, information is the most precious resource, available for a company. This imposes higher requirements for information security and for the control of access to information systems. Most modern systems and applications imply that employees access information remotely and work with it in the field, yet there are many cases of information leak through theft of user login information. To make access to information resources safe, we need to use new approaches.

We present to you the two-factor authentication Service AUTH.AS.

Our Service is designed specially to make stealing of the user login info useless, and in addition to the above, not to store the passwords on the resources of the Service.

When using AUTH.AS, the system adds a second factor of authentication - one time password - to the credentials of the user. That allows to ensure that even in case of interception of user credentials by an attacker, he will not be able to use them, because a one-time password will have been expired shortly. Thus the controllability of access to information rises sharply.

It is obvious that selection or theft of password in this situation becomes almost senseless, which seriously complicates access to classified information by unauthorized personnel.

To make the two-factor authentication AUTH.AS truly reliable and meeting modern safety requirements, it is necessary to perform a number of special conditions and requirements to the characteristics of the system.

Our Service AUTH.AS offers the user the following possibilities:

  • simple and intuitive user interface
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • full control over the authentication process for user applications
  • no need to store such user credentials, as the password on the resources of the Service
  • ability to send access logs to the user infrastructure
  • simple and user-friendly mobile application for generating one-time passwords ( iOS / Android )
  • support of the major manufacturers of physical one-time password generators, such as SafeNet and HID
  • user-friendly API/SDK for embedding the Service into your application
  • support of integration protocols with external systems such as Radius and LDAP(s)

If necessary, you are free to pass the virtual training course for work with the Service AUTH.AS in our training center or remotely using the virtual office SOCOCO.

Registration certificate of the software AUTH.AS

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