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Two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS now available for the platform "1C: Enterprise"


RCNTEC, a Russian developer of IT solutions for businesses, has announced the integration of the two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS with the “1C: Enterprise” platform.

RCNTEC has developed a special module for the two-factor authentication system AUTH.AS. This module connects to the “1C” configuration, and gives users of the platform the opportunity to securely protect critical data from unauthorized access with the use of a variable password.

The password is created by a free mobile application on the user's smartphone and is verified by the AUTH.AS system in real time.

The module is supplied as an extension of 1C configuration and its setup will not cancel product support for current configuration.

Currently, the minimum requirement for the integration module with "1C: Enterprise" is the user version of the platform from 8.1 and above. The solution developer, RCNTEC, highlights its eagerness to finalize the integration module for the needs of particular customers too.

Software products "1C" are already considered as the standard of business automation. According to the international analytical agency IDC, the share of 1C in Russia represents about 83% of the total number of automated workplaces.

"Given the trend towards the transition to Clouds, the need for secure access to data and reliable protection of this data from unauthorized access is getting more heightened. The integration module we have designed for the “1C” platform powered with the AUTH.AS solution allows business executives to use” 1C” to provide secure access to information for all their employees, while maintaining the level of usability, "pinpoints Dennis Neshtoon, CEO of RCNTEC.

A wide range of companies has already started testing the two-factor authentication AUTH.AS for the “1C” platform.

Active users of the Cloud and boxed version of the two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS can add a second layer of protection to the “1C” software products for free.


About AUTH.AS solutions

AUTH.AS is a solutions provider that protects sensitive data from unauthorized access by using a second authentication factor.

When using AUTH.AS, a second authentication factor is added to the user credentials, that is, a variable password. Subsequently, even if a hacker intercepts the credentials, he cannot use them. This feature significantly raises the level of security of business data. Overcoming such a high level of protection can sometimes become so time-consuming and tedious that, in the vast majority of cases, the process loses all of its financial advantages for the cybercriminals.

Provided as a Cloud service or as a boxed solution (deployment on the servers of the customer).

The system is based on a horizontally scalable, resilient architecture, with linear performance growth. By simply increasing the number of nodes, the system will reach the requiredlevel of performance.

AUTH.AS supports tokens of different types. The basic solution is to use a mobile application for iOS or Android. Else, many versions of physical tokens created by manufacturers such as HID, SafeNet, Feitian and others may be used.

To get familiar with our solutions and obtain more detailed information, please click on the following link auth.as, or visit the official RCNTEC website - www.rcntec.com.


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