Administration of data networks

The use of centralized monitoring system and efficient round the clock work of experienced network engineers guarantees uninterrupted operation of your distributed business.

Sometimes there are growth crises in the development of any company, when the IT infrastructure can’t keep pace with the development of the business. This applies especially for companies which do not specialize in the IT technologies. And if your business becomes networked and distributed, the maintenance of constant working capacity of a large network becomes a very serious problem.

Network downtimes become a serious problem, interfering with the business work, and you suffer serious losses, when don’t have an opportunity to fix it quickly. Fault recovery takes a very long time.

You might also face problems with your IT department employees skills. In such case you understand that your IT department resources are not enough to provide your business with full IT support.

Is there an effective solution for this situation? Yes, it is. What you need is an effective administration of data network. Such network administration must be automated, must constantly monitor your entire network and must have the proactive ability to notice errors before they become a serious problem. You also need an emergency service that will promptly begin taking measures on elimination of occurred failures.

Our team has been maintaining the entire telecommunication infrastructure of the LUKOIL Group over 10 years and has tremendous experience and expertise in data networks administration. We maintain multiservice networks of various customers both in our country and abroad.

Our specialists studied in foreign and Russian training centers, have all the appropriate certificates, as well as a huge practice in the resolution of complex incidents in the customer network infrastructure.

Our full-time service of duty network engineers is ready to help you 24x7, 365 days a year, thanks to the unique tools for monitoring and analysis of incidents.

The specialists of our company every day support tens of thousands of network devices in working condition, strictly following both domestic and foreign standards, applying the most innovative and economic decisions.

We support the equipment, solutions and technologies of such manufacturers as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Checkpoint, Mikrotik, Amicon, infotecs and many others.

During the exploitation and administration of network infrastructure, our engineers strictly abide by the requirements and standards of our customers in terms of information security and personal data processing.

Among our customers there is a serious medical network. And as rightly been said by doctors, it is much easier and quickly to cure the disease, which has just appeared, than the one in an advanced stage.

RCNTEC offers you an effective administration of your data networks with connection to the centralized monitoring system and round-the-clock monitoring by experienced network engineers.

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