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RCNTEC at Broadsoft Connections 2016

At the annual Broadsoft Connections conference 2016 the company  RCNTEC will introduce a telephone RSB (Resilient Sip Box) gateway failover and advanced management conferences EMI (Easy MeetMe Interface). The event is held in November 13-15 in San Antonio, United States.

Resilient Sip Box is intended to provide connection to remote facilities in case of accidents on data transmission channels in corporate telephony networks using IP PBX from different manufacturers. The use of a number of unique engineering solutions allows us to provide 99.999% availability of telephony services in a cluster, redirect traffic to a better route, transparently to the subscriber, when failures occur in data transmission network. The device is equipped with an effective and convenient means for fail-searching and troubleshooting, as well as saving bandwidth, which is especially important when using the data channels of low bandwidth. Due to the use of a single platform for the entire model range, the device is cheaper and easier to expand.

At the company's table will also be presented EMI (Express Management Interface) software solution by RCNTEC, targeting the Broadworks IP telephony platform allowing to significantly expand its functionality for work with multi-threaded conferences. Unlike the built-in EMI, this one provides a convenient interface for scheduling conferences and for accounting of the available port capacity. The ability to automatically connect subscribers on a predetermined schedule can reduce the personnel needed for conference organization, and multifunctional interface of the moderator will help to effectively control all of the conferences in real time and to assist participants in case of need.

"Broadworks has its own tools for organizing conferences, but the built-in management interface does not take into account the work nuances used in the process of organizing conferences, and does not use all the capabilities of the system. EMI allows to eliminate this disadvantage and brings the conferencing functionality on the level of specialized products. The use of EMI in conjunction with Broadworks leads to significant costs savings compared to using separate specialized solutions for the organization of conferences", - says Evgeny Novikov, Vice-President of telecommunications in LLC RCNTEC.


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