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RCNTEC Releases New Information Security Monitoring System COMPLAUD

Release 1.14 adds graphs showing the dynamics of the state of information security of the infrastructure.

Now the COMPLAUD database stores daily slices of the main security parameters of the scanned infrastructure. “From these reports, you can at a glance understand where we are moving in terms of improving the security of our infrastructure. You can see how the total number of vulnerable servers increases when software manufacturers publish vulnerabilities and how it falls as administrators fix the vulnerabilities. Are we becoming more secure or we are losing ground and we need to accelerate the elimination of vulnerabilities,” comments Anton Rusanov, Deputy Head of Data Centers division for RCNTEC.

Complaud is designed to continuously monitor 24x7 vulnerabilities and verify that the infrastructure meets information security standards.

Currently, COMPLAUD detects over 32 thousand known information security vulnerabilities. COMPLAUD Vulnerability Databases are regularly updated as software vendors publish vulnerabilities. For small businesses there is the opportunity to use the system as a service for free.

Start making your infrastructure safer right now by registering at https://www.complaud.com


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