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IHome uses RPCM Smart PDUs to increase uptime and reduce total cost of ownership

The innovative telecommunications operator IHome introduced the RPCM Smart PDU from the Russian manufacturer RCNTEC in its data center to ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

“We chose the Smart PDU RPCM for several reasons. The main task that intellectual modules RPCM perform in our data center is to maintain uninterrupted operation and increase the uptime of servers and network equipment with single power supply units. Thanks to the built-in Automated Transfer Switch (ATS) function, when the power supply at one of the inputs is lost or degraded, the device automatically switches consumers to another input without interrupting the power supply. The presence of electricity meters at each output allows us to estimate the actual electricity consumption of each piece of equipment, which allows optimal placement of equipment in racks. Another important point when choosing the Smart PDU RPCM for us was the price of the device, which compares favorably with foreign, less functional counterparts”comments Alexander Yusin, Technical Director, IHOME LLC.

“The company IHoum implements large innovative ICT projects throughout the country and abroad. We are pleased that the two RPCM models - 16A and 32A - have become an integral part of these projects, support the smooth operation of the company's infrastructure and help IHome to provide services to its customers at an even higher level” comments Maxim Danilov, Development Director of RCNTEC.

RPCM is the smartest and most functionally advanced Smart PDU in the world.

Smart PDU RPCM combines in one device remote management (WEB/SSH/SNMP/REST API), short circuit protection on each outlet, ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), proper grounding diagnostic, power meters on each of 10 outlets, watchdog timer for automatic restart of hanged equipment, fire protection and configurable delays upon power supply restoration allowing to start infrastructure in the right sequence and avoid high starting currents.

RPCMs are already in use in 14 countries and in more than 20 cities in Russia by diverse industries, such as mining, telecom, data centers, logistics, satellite navigation, energy, smart cities infrastructure planning, banking, software development, hosting and many others, where business success depends on infrastructure availability.

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