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RPCM IOS APP 1.2.0 Mobile App Release

RCNTEC continues improving mobile user experience for its customers!

Last week the company has released the new RPCM iOS App Version 1.2.0!

In this update:

  • RPCM.CLOUD Ports section will help users navigate through whole power infrastructure with filtering and sorting;
  • Users can watch all logs for the Group of RPCMs by just swiping it;
  • If users browse their cloud RPCMs while being connected to your local network, jump into local RPCM is now available from device menu;
  • iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C users can now also enjoy this mobile app experience;
  • Fixed color coding of outlets will help better differentiate fault conditions;
  • Interaction with RPCM.CLOUD has become a bit faster;
  • Menu freezing and few more hangs and crashes has been tracked down and eliminated.

RPCM Smart PDUs for alternative and direct current help many customers from many very different industries in 20 countries of the world to solve their power management and distribution, uptime increasing, downtime decreasing and cost saving tasks!

Detailed information about the RPCM Smart PDU and the RPCM Cloud on our websites https://rpcm.pro and https://rpcm.cloud