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Advanced Russian Information Security Solutions Will Be Presented in Azerbaijan

On the 25th of May the company RCNTEC, together with the leading systems integrator and distributor of Azerbaijan, BestComp Group, presents its developments at the largest international computer security conference, “Information Security Code”.

The system of near-real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities and compliance auditing, COMPLAUD, will be presented at the event. The system provides continuous automatic auditing of information systems, demonstrates a real picture of the state of security, and provides an opportunity to monitor the process of eliminating the found inconsistencies in a mode close to real time. This tool greatly facilitates administrators’ responsibilities by informing them in a timely manner of potential information security (IS) issues which can lead to system hacking and data leakage. It also aids in reducing dependence on the human factor, gives a technical guarantee that the IT systems, server, and network equipment are configured in accordance with the adopted standards and policies of the company, and are not subject to known vulnerabilities. The system is horizontally scalable, and allows for a continuous automated auditing of infrastructures of any size. COMPLAUD was originally created for effective collaboration of IT and IS teams in providing information security not just on paper but in reality, both in commercial companies and in government structures.

In addition, a convenient and high-performing two-factor authentication service, AUTH.AS, will be demonstrated in Baku. The solution allows for the protection of sensitive data from any unsanctioned access through the use of the second authentication factor - a variable password. The use of a second authentication factor has recently become a de-facto standard in providing secure access to data. With the proliferation of smartphones and development of affordable mobile internet, an increasing number of people are regularly working with information remotely. Thanks to the horizontally scalable service of two-factor authentication AUTH.AS, both private companies and state structures can easily organize a reliable identification of users, with remote access to their information systems.

Both solutions can be provided as a cloud service, or as an out-of-the-box solution (a customer’s servers’ setup).

The General Director of BestComp Group Murad Askerzade stressed, "The Information Security Code forum is not just a seminar on information security, but a rather relevant and highly anticipated event in Baku. All that could be heard this week was that the virus "WannaCry" has paralysed the work of thousands of companies in various parts of the world. This has come despite the fact that the vulnerability used by the virus writers is known for a long time. The implementation of COMPLAUD, the system of continuous auditing of security policies, within companies could prevent such large-scale consequences. Of course, together with our partner RCNTEC, we are striving to make the information world safer, and consider it of utmost importance to focus users' attention on such products, and to implement them in various business areas where IT technologies are used. The issue of information security is now a priority, as the degree of users’ confidence in information and financial systems depends on it".

"Over the past years, the ICT market in Azerbaijan has shown active growth. The needs for technologies as well as business models were developing. At the same time, the optimization of information technologies entails the need to protect systems from hacking and information leaks. Within the country, there is now a demand for solutions which would increase information security without high cost. Our products help to cope with that task easily and efficiently, which is why we are happy to introduce them in Baku", concluded Dennis Neshtoon, the General Director of RCNTEC.


About the Company (ООО «БЕСТКОМП»):


BestComp Group is a systems integrator which offers solutions characterized by efficiency and optimality. Established in 1995, BestComp Group is one of the leading ICT companies in the South Caucasus. Cooperating with many of the world's leading companies in the ICT field, BestComp Group is engaged in active distribution, design, and implementation of business-critical ICT solutions for corporate customers, as well as installation of communication networks, uninterruptible power supply systems, and retailing of computer equipment. The company has business partners in Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. After having established a joint enterprise in Georgia, BestComp Group began active work outside of Azerbaijan. Today, BestComp Group has been involved in execution of various ICT projects, domestically, in Georgia, and in Central Asia.


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