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SAP Systems Administration

The SAP SE (Germany) company is a worldwide developer of special software that provides automation for different kinds of business processes.

The developments of SAP cover almost all the main business fields: accounting, banking systems and banking technologies, financial operations, financial management, warehousing, logistics, trucking industry, production records, analytics, different kinds of reporting, using physical resources advancement, planning, sales, marketing, human resource management, trip costs, software using management, community facilities, waste management, materials and repair parts production support, market strategies, invoicing and payment automation, transaction accounting, database management, operating risks, public-opinion poll, social statistics.

SAP actively supports global modern IT trends such as cloud technologies, data storage systems, mobile applications, SMS. SAP is at work on information security, works with Big Data, provides support for websites and web stores, and provides simulating for executive decision-making.

A lot of system integrators bring SAP solutions into use, increasing productivity and efficiency of business customers.

How are we related to the SAP systems?

Our company has considerable experience in implementation and maintenance of SAP-based software.

Our specialists administer such systems as SAP ERP, SAP HCM, SAP BI, SAP BO, SAP XI/PI, SAP SCM, SAP SRM, SAP CRM and etc.:

  • SAP landscape implementation and strategy generation development
  • sizing and establishment of hardware requirements
  • SAP landscape installation
  • SAP systems cross-platform migration
  • operating system, data base or SAP platform updating
  • data back-up measure development and implementation strategy
  • landscape revisions conversion development and implementation strategy
  • SAP system analytics and performance optimization
  • SAP landscape monitoring for detecting problems and taking measures for problem solving
  • provision of smooth functioning for SAP and DB application servers

We have considerable experience in new systems engineering and rapid landscape deployment.

We have been dealing with lots of SAP platforms for more than 15 years. We started working with outdated SUN SPARC, then with SunFire 25K. We have been using virtualization as it arose, from Solaris Zones to Vmware and KVM. We have accumulated vast experience in system migration, the migrations combined with systems upgrade, converting to UNICODE, database conversion, data transfer between data centers with a bit of downtime, work features in virtual domains.

When the amount of the systems counts to hundreds and the amount of their servers counts to several hundreds, simple operations such as database and server operational systems updating, transfer of transport queries, seem to be a sophisticated problem. We adhere to the simple rules: we try to perform the tasks automatically and if it is possible, try to make it unnoticed for the users.

We have often experienced the necessity in SAP systems performance optimization.

We have spent a lot of time on developments of the solutions, which allow to recover systems during a few seconds after malfunction. We have spent a lot of time on development of the disaster-proof solutions, in case the systems are allocated at some data centers as well.

We have applied a massive installation of the terminal access to the SAP systems which allowed us to simplify the clients software supporting, to customize the same settings for all the users, and what is more important, to cut down the region transfer channels requirements.

We suppose that the most incredible thing is that we were able to create the system of monitoring, which makes us really proud. What is an administrator going to do when he is informed about the system’s malfunction? The administrator begins to check system activities sequentially (in case he does not have the system of monitoring, he has to do it on his own :)) then he sorts separate components and finds the equipment component which is not working. In case he does it by himself, we should help him to automatically find the component which is not working. We don’t have to wait for user’s requests; we should constantly check each component. The second most important part is the visualization of the lagging component. We check a lot of components and their settings. So SAP system is structured as a large system of interdependent components. If the system shows all the components then it is hard to find the lagging one. That is why we have decided not to show the part of the system which is working correctly, although we reveal the whole dependency tree up to the lagging component.

Our 24/7 technical support detects system failures and takes measures for problem solving due to this convenient system of monitoring.

Our specialists have completed their training at the SAP training facilities and put dozens of SAP implementation projects into practice.

There were some uncommon fusion and partition system projects amongst them.

Every project is unique in its way. We are ready to pay attention to your requests and to assist you in SAP system administration at every step: from planning to implementation, exploitation and optimization. Surely, at first we should have a look at your systems and then we will be ready to offer the events of interest.

Feel free to contact us at any time!