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Swiss Alps Energy AG and RCNTEC have just announced partnership


Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a distributed ledger-based energy supplier and an operator of flexible modular mining infrastructures that are intended for long-term stationary use. Thereby, SAE preserves unused buildings in the Swiss alps and uses them sensibly and without interference with either building structure or the environment.

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is the first company in the world to use an ORC system to recover electricity from the waste heat generated by mining systems. The placement of the mining facilities in the Swiss Alps takes advantage of the fact that water has a lower boiling point at these altitudes, resulting in a much more efficient recovery of electricity from heat. Since the mining systems at these sites do not require additional cooling by air conditioning systems, the SAM cubes power consumption can be reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional mining systems. With this unique approach, SAM is solving a global problem in the field of mining.

RCNTEC designs and manufactures the most sophisticated Smart PDUs on the planet - RPCM.

RPCM Mining Edition (RPCM ME) is the first PDU in the world, designed specially for Mining operations with 63Amps/10 outlet design. RPCM ME for the first time in industry introduces hashrate based watchdog integrated right into the PDU, that allows mining farms to automate monitoring and restarting of miners when their hashrate goes down due to hangs and hardware errors, thereby keeping mining infrastructure running full throttle all the time with no human intervention required. RPCM ME provides remote control of every outlet. Also RPCM ME's every outlet is equipped with short circuit protection, configurable overcurrent protection, which helps reduce risks of fire hazards and downtime. RPCM ME also has power metering functionality on every outlet, allowing precise monitoring of power consumption and more insightful troubleshooting.

Swiss Alps Energy AG cubes are designed for decentralized use with no-staff-on-site operations. RCNTEC's RPCM ME Smart PDUs are perfect fit for this kind of infrastructure, as they provide tightly integrated power infrastructure requiring less wiring on site, remote control, metering, short circuit and overcurrent protection and integrated automation functionality allowing SAE Cubes to run in most cost effective and autonomous fashion.

Partnership between the two companies will allow tight integration of SAE and RCNTEC solutions which will allow customers to have leading edge innovations at their service for highest profitability of their mining operations.

“For SAE being part of this strong and technically versatile infrastructure network is highly appreciated. We will benefit from RCNTEC's RPCM Mining Edition Smart PDUs, which will help us to operate and maintain secure and smooth operation of some important parts, like power management and watchdog functionality of the SAE system.” - said Gian-Carlo Collenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Swiss Alps Energy AG.

"We're extremely excited to work with Swiss Alps Energy. These guys' innovative approach to energy recuperation allows some of the best energy costs for miners in some of the most beautiful places in the world! We're really happy to have our world's smartest PDUs - RPCMs, integrated into such a great mining infrastructure allowing for automation, protection and decentralized operation at levels never seen before." - said Dennis Neshtoon, Co-Founder and CEO of RCNTEC.


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