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Information security

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Information security in virtual private networks (VPN)

RCNTEC is the connection provider on all territory of the Russian Federation and provides its customers the service of DATA TRANSMISSION IN VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS (VPN), both the second (Ethernet) and the third (IP) levels, providing connection ports to the points of presence of the customer. On top of the data service our company is also ready to provide cryptographic protection of traffic, as well as the services of constructiong the own customer's network or its separate parts, connecting them to VPN ports.



Two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS

АРСИЭНТЕК_Сервис двухфакторной аутентификации AUTH.AS

Information is the most valuable resource in the modern world for companies. The high requirements are needed to ensure the information security and information systems control. Distance access to the most modern systems and applications is at danger due to often user data steal. New approaches are required to make access to information resources more secure.

We are presenting you two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS.



Data transfer networks protection

To ensure the secure information exchange between all participants of business processes (partners, customers, remote branches and mobile employees) RCNTEC uses such basic technologies of network security as:

We provide network security using the following products: CheckPoint, Cisco, Mikrotik, Juniper, infotecs, Amicon.


Cryptographic protection of traffic

Cryptographic protection of information is the process of converting public information with the purpose of keeping it secret from unauthorized persons by using an algorithm, called a cipher.
In other words, cryptographic protection of information, being the basis of modern systems of information security in computer systems and networks, represents a set of data conversion methods designed to protect the data, making them useless for illegal users. Read more...


Monitoring information security and auditing compliance with standards and settings COMPLAUD

Please find below an elastic distributed system for monitoring of the IT infrastructure security status - Resilient Cloud Compliance Audit System COMPLAUD.

COMPLAUD is an opportunity for a company of any size to have dynamic and uninterrupted view of security of its IT infrastructure. Read more...


Web traffic filtration systems

Our company implements the web traffic filtration systems, which allow you to block unproductive or illegal activities of employees on the Internet.

Protection of corporate resources is ensured through the restriction of employee access to potentially dangerous websites and files. URL Filtering has effective built-in tools for web filtering using an extensive database of URLS under various categories of threats. The product provides the ability to specify the most appropriate policy for each case of protection against various threats, including spyware, viruses, and various web attacks.