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Data storage system Resilient Cloud Storage

Resilient Cloud Storage (RCS) is a high-performance, horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, self-healing data storage system.



Resilient Power Control Module RPCM

RPCM combines functions of remote power management, automatic transfer switching without interruption of connected devices, short circuit protection and power consumption metering on each output independently.

The two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS

When an employee tries to access any information, the system adds a second factor of authentication to his login information - a one-time password that cannot be intercepted. Convenient, simple and reliable mechanism highly enhances the security of access/entry points.



Resilient telephony gateway Resilient Sip Box

Resilient Sip Box (RSB) - VOIP Application Layer Gateway – effective, high-performance device, designed to provide telephone communication to remote objects in case of accidents on data transmission channels of infrastructures with the use of IP PBXs from different manufacturers.

Monitoring information security and auditing compliance with standards and settings COMPLAUD 

Resilient Cloud Compliance Audit System COMPLAUD - an elastic distributed system for security status monitoring and for standard and configuration compliance auditing, providing an immediate and continuous representation of the state of IT infrastructure protection for a company of any size.



Virtual office SOCOCO

A virtual office is a unified visual working space, which displays departments of your company as separate virtual workspaces where employees can gather for meetings like in a real office. You can see the dynamic interaction in real time and have an opportunity to actively participate in it.

Resilient Contact Center (RCC)

Modern unified, distributed contact center, based on cloud technologies. Complete freedom in choosing the physical location of agents, an ability of centralized management and control.


SAP Systems Administration

We specialize in the components, related to SAP Basis and are ready to explore the issues of your SAP systems at any level of development, and after conducting an audit of the highest quality, we can propose specific measures to improve the effectiveness of SAP systems and perform work, using our own resources.


MaaS Resilient Cloud Monitoring

RCNTEC offers you a new service - MaaS Resilient Cloud Monitoring (Monitoring as a Service). The service is based on a Centralized Monitoring System developed and implemented by our specialists.



Data network administration

The use of centralized monitoring system and efficient 24/7 work of experienced network engineers guarantees uninterrupted operation of your distributed business.


Resilient Cloud Wireless Access Service (RCWAS)

Law regulations and corporate policies may require wireless networks to identify users in order to provide Internet access services. RCWAS allows authentication using MAC address ang login credentials.



Resilient Cloud Resources Screening Solution RCRSS

RCRSS allows you to simplify the procedure of interaction with the Registry and to enforce the requirements of the law, not driving your own development of similar systems and not spending staff time on this daily routine.




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