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Technology platform: SOCOCO

We offer you a tool for new generation communications — SOCOCO (Social Communication Company).

Виртуальный офис SOCOCO - спейс компании АРСИЭНТЕК

A virtual office is a unified visual working space, which graphically displays all Your company. With working offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, where You can communicate with colleagues. You see the dynamic interaction in real-time and can actively participate in it.

We propose You a system that not only offers all the most advanced and modern tools for business communication, but in the most optimal and natural combination. The SOCOCO Unified Communications are represented in the form of cloud services.

No matter in what part of the country or world are staff located – virtual office creates a complete sense of presence and teamwork, speeds up and makes clear all the processes of business communication, unites Your team due to the visualization of the workspace (Space) and the awareness of the nature of the colleagues activities. It is enough to be connected to the Internet.



Main features


You can see the whole virtual office (space) and all employees, their location in the virtual rooms. Use the search function to quickly find a colleague by name.



Select a room to communicate with colleagues, go into it, invite your colleagues and start communicating. All operations – just 1-2 clicks.


Turn on headphones and microphone in 1 click and start talking. No dialing.



Turn on the camera in one click, let your colleagues do the same. Everyone will see You, and You will see them.


Communicate with any colleague tête-à-tête confidentially in any room you choose. If necessary, invite other staff members and continue communicating together.



Choose a color avatar, and give it a name. Now any employee can easily find You. He sees your status, what You're doing, who You're with.


Invite colleagues into the room. Turn on your headphones, a microphone and a camera in 1 click. Communicate in a videoconference mode and watch the live reaction of colleagues.



Invite members to the room of a suitable size. Show them presentations and other materials. Teach them easily and conveniently. Use feedback with participants via voice or chat.


Control participants visually in a virtual room via avatars and names. Close doors and block accesses to outsiders.



There is no need to pass the baton. All participants can communicate independently from each other and see multiple displays simultaneously.


Write personal messages or communicate in a group chat. Chat always works even with low connection to the Internet.



Use zoom to see the names of colleagues and their means of communication status - headphones, microphone, camera, who watches which screen during the meeting.


Continue communication even on the road using Sococo for iPhone & iPad.



The security of Your communication is ensured by bank level means of encryption.


More about each feature you can see and read here.


The requirements for the operating system, hardware and the Internet

  Mac OS 10.6-10

  Windows 7-10, XP


For voice communication up to 10 people 512KB/s channel is enough.

For video conferencing for 10 people you will need - a PC or a mobile device, 1.8 GHz, 2 cores, and the Internet from 1 to 4 MB/s, 3G/4G(LTE).


The benefits and advantages for You

  • the interaction efficiency increase for companies with geographically distributed structure
  • savings on paying for urban and long-distance corporate negotiations
  • full remote (distant) collaboration from an apartment, a country house
  • savings on rent of office areas
  • reduced time spent on the way to the office and back into the cities
  • savings on travel costs
  • low exploitation costs and no setup costs read more
  • attracting the needed personnel from other regions
  • the use of fully remote work for certain staff categories
  • increase the effectiveness of Bitrix24 portals
  • effective remote control of business units and employees for managers


Price: 15$

  • low fixed price per active participant per month
  • weekly billing of active members read more
  • the benefits from the use of SOCOCO significantly cover the costs read more


Preliminary testing

We recommend to run a preliminary free testing of our service for 1 month.

Just leave a request on the website and within an hour You will get space for Your company.

Organize the real work of your business unit within SOCOCO, to evaluate the benefits of collaboration.

Twenty-four-hour technical support is waiting for You and wishes you success!