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RCNTEC RPCM.CLOUD improved Groups, Maps, Graphs and Ports in release 0.13.0

Dear Customers:

Over the last few months the world has unexpectedly incredibly changed. With over 2 billion people suddenly becoming remote the importance of infrastructure resiliency and remote control has become extremely indispensable.

At RCNTEC we continue to improve the most intelligent power control systems in the world – RPCM Smart PDUs with RPCM.CLOUD.

Today we're announcing the release of RPCM.CLOUD update version 0.13.0.

We've improved several areas of the RPCM.CLOUD to make it more useful for you and to provide access to information you need most with as few actions needed from you as possible.

This release makes Groups so much more useful by providing sums of instant and accumulated consumption values of all RPCMs in your groups. You can now instantly see total consumption of your Racks, Rooms and even whole Data Centers with ability to dig down into details. This will allow you to quickly verify facts and find ways to optimize consumption of your power infrastructure!

Locations in Groups and the Map now allow you to quickly assess what kind of most severe issues you have in your power infrastructure with introduction of respective coloring of the locations.

Graphs now so much easier allow to find useful patterns during debugging of issues and finding patterns for optimization thanks to implemented presets of time periods to quickly load necessary consumption history information.

Finding particular sets of outlets within ranges of immediate consumption, voltage, accumulated power usage has become much more sophisticated with introduction of logical expressions in filtering functionality of Ports section.

We've also improved Help section to make it easier for you to learn details on how to use different features of the RPCM.CLOUD and improved some minor details and fixed some annoying bugs.

We invite you to try all the new introduced features of the RPCM.CLOUD to make sure your intelligent power infrastructure based on RPCM Smart PDUs gives you better field for optimization and troubleshooting than ever before!

Below are the release notes for this update:

• We have added telemetry for groups. You can now see sums of accumulated and instant consumption values of all RPCM's outlets in groups. Also, groups are now colored with the most critical status of all RPCMs in group.

• We have added useful presets for periods in the Dashboard, Graphs and Logs (Last 90, 30, 7, 1 days, Last quarter, month, week, day, current quarter, month, week, day).

• In Map section locations with RPCMs are now colored with the most critical status of all RPCMs in location.

• Filtering in Ports section has become more sophisticated. You can now use OR (||) or AND (&&) logical expressions to better filter out outlets you're looking for.

• We've redesigned the Help section to make it more intuitive.

• We've fixed incorrect indication of last update from RPCM. RPCMs that never pushed any data to the cloud now indicated "never" instead of "50 years ago".

• You can now postpone notification about expiring warranty by clicking "show later".

• We've fixed error that might prevent you from logging into the RPCM.CLOUD.

Enjoy the better RPCM.CLOUD!

RPCM.CLOUD is free for RPCM Smart PDUs under warranty.

Please contact our sales via info@rpcm.pro to purchase more RPCMs to get even better visibility of your power infrastructure.

You can find all information about RPCM.CLOUD features on the https://rpcm.cloud website.

You can find all information about RPCM Smart PDU intelligent power control modules on the https://rpcm.pro website.

Sincerely yours,