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RCNTEC starts cooperation with OCS Distribution


Moscow. September 5, 2016. The Company OCS has signed a distribution agreement with the company RCNTEC, Russian developer of IT solutions for business. Thus, OCS became the first official distributor RCNTEC products on the Russian market. OCS has included the various solutions of RCNTEC in its product portfolio, including the flagship development - data storage system "Polybyte".

Hardware-software complex "Polybyte" (it's international name is Resilient Cloud Storage) has the ability to scale out and allows you to build a cloud storage to hundreds of petabytes in a single storage system in the customers' data centers. "Polybyte" is suitable for virtual environments, as well as for mass storage for any type of data (including calls, sms, photo, video, etc.). High data reliability is achieved through triple redundancy. Currently, the production uses components of global manufacturers, but the company is already testing the modules using Russian components, seeking to improve the degree of localization. The system software is written by RCNTEC developers. Serial production is performed in Russia.

Storage system "Polybyte" is focused on large corporations, private and government projects, requiring reliable storage of unlimited amounts of data. The signing of a distribution agreement with such an experienced player in the IT market as OCS Distribution, is an important step in the distribution of products and solutions of RCNTEC. The software-hardware complex "Polybyte" allows to solve tasks, which are all used in enterprise data centers, adding a horizontal scaling to hundreds of Petabytes, which is a long awaited proposal from the market, inspired by the scalability of the world's largest providers of public clouds. We are confident that our system will occupy a worthy place in the line of products that OCS Distribution offers its partners," says RCNTEC CEO, Dennis Nestoon.

"We have years of experience in the field of IT distribution and confirm the increasing interest in Russian products, which can compete with foreign analogues. Now we are ready to offer software and hardware systems, made in Russia, to system integrators. Storage systems, developed by RCNTEC allow to solve a wide range of tasks seamlessly to increase capacity and performance. We believe this equipment is capable to gain interest of our partners and their customers, both state and commercial", - says Mikhail Shipilov, the director of the department of data storage systems company OCS Distribution.


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