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RCNTEC shows how to build reliable IT infrastructure on a national scale in Baku

On June 30, 2017, RCNTEC, the Russian IT solutions developer, held a seminar on its flagship products in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The seminar was supported by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan.

The seminar was attended by the representatives of the Azeri ministries and state-owned corporations, as well as the local IT system integration solutions providers. The seminar’s main objective was to acquaint the audience with RCNTEC’sadvanced IT solutions and products.

The RCNTEC specialists explained and demonstrated to the audience how to build reliable IT infrastructure facilities of any size and provide information security on a national scale, as well as establish modern and effective communications between the state agencies and contractors with the help of RCNTEC’s IT solutions.

The seminar was officially opened by  Elmir Velizade, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan, with a welcome speech, where he highlighted his general impression about RCNTEC. Velizade also noted that several RCNTEC products are being currently tested by the Ministry and stressed the importance of implementing the most advanced technologies in IT projects in Azerbaijan.

“The development of advanced technologies in Azerbaijan is our priority and we intend to spread and implement high-tech solutions both in state agencies and private companies. It is important to ensure through joint efforts comprehensive and consistent development of this sector,” Velizade said. “Our acquaintance with technologies developed by IT companies, such as RCNTEC, and the organization of industry events, such as this seminar, will help us achieve these goals,” he added.

The report on the two-factor authentication system, AUTH.AS, presented by Evgeniy Novikov, the RCNTEC’s VP for telecommunications, attracted a huge interest from the audience. The use of the second authentication factor has, de-facto, already become a standard in providing secure access to data. More people now regularly work remotely with information, thanks to the development of inexpensive mobile Internet access and the proliferation and penetration of smartphones.

The horizontally scalable two-factor authentication service, AUTH.AS, enables companies to organize a secure identification of users that have a remote access to information systems, both in private corporations and state agencies. This technology is very important, especially in the light of the ongoing active development of electronic public services provision in Azerbaijan.

Several seminar participants during the presentation were able to download and test the free mobile app for Android and iOS from the Google Play Store and AppStore.

The seminar also addressed the latest and widely discussed events that had recently struck a global blow on the information security systems. These included the notorious Petya virus, which broke out shortly before the beginning of this seminar, and its predecessor, the WannaCry virus, which had appeared a bit earlier.

“The WannaCry and Petya viruses caused serious global problems that paralyzed the operations of thousands of companies across several countries. Both viruses used the vulnerabilities and incorrect software settings in companies’ IT security systems as their gateways for attacks. Such catastrophic consequences could have been avoided, if companies had duly and timely upgraded their software products, carefully monitored their software settings, raised the awareness of ordinary users and/or used modern technologies in their operations,” Bestcomp Group CEO Murad Askerzade said.

“The implementation of COMPLAUD, the continuous security audit systems, in companies can help prevent such large-scale consequences. COMPLAUD ensures continuous automatic auditing of information systems and IT infrastructure, shows the real picture of the state of security and provides the possibility for monitoring the process of eliminating the inconsistencies or problems that are discovered during the audit process in a mode that is close to real time,” Askerzade added. We, at Bestcomp Group, see the popularization and distribution of such IT solutions in Azerbaijan as one of our key tasks and we intend to promote these solutions together with RCNTEC,” he noted.

Evgeniy Laptev, the RCNTEC’s system architect, demonstrated at the seminar how to simplify the infrastructure of data centers and improve their reliability, while simultaneously reducing their total costs of ownership with the help of RCNTEC’s newly developed solution, the Resilient Power Control Module (RPCM). Laptev also spoke about how to organize reliable data storage of any scale with the required level productivity and performance by using Resilient Cloud Storage, the horizontally scalable storage system.

The seminar also addressed telephony issues, as experts explained to the audience how to provide communications at remote facilities by using the Resilient Sip Box, a fault-tolerance telephony gateway, in the case of accidents or failures in data transmission channels.

During the presentation of Victor Potapov, the RCNTEC’s VP for human resoures, the capabilities of the SOCOCO virtual office was demonstrated online to the seminar participants. The RCNTEC experts in Baku and the company’s employees at its Moscow office, as well as the employees in its remote offices in the Russian cities of Volgograd, Ukhta and Omsk, took part in the online demonstration.

“The audience’s active participation, heated discussions and the huge number of questions and issues raised during the event are the best proofs of the seminar attendants’ high level of interest in the development of information technologies in general and our products in particular. The event has shown that the Azeri information and communication technologies (ICT) market is interested in finding new, modern solutions, which we, in turn, are ready to offer,” RCNTEC CEO Dennis Neshtoon said.

“We, together with BestComp Group, intend to work actively to develop and boost our presence in the Azeri market and offer the country the best solutions that will help solve the most urgent development tasks for the government and businesses,” Neshtoon noted.

RCNTEC’s products or the applications for testing them are now available from today at the company’s official website http://www.rcntec.com or via its email at info@rcntec.com, or by contacting Bestcomp Group, the RCNTEC’s official partner in Azerbaijan, at http://bestcomp.net or by phone (+99412) 541 4747.


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