RCNTEC ensures operation of telecommunication networks and information systems and helps hundreds of thousands of people all over the world work effectively.

The company that has built and maintains telecommunication networks that span thousands of kilometres in some of the most hardly accessible corners of Russia.

The one that has created and operates «humanless» fully remotely operated Data Centers.

The company that has developed and runs sophisticated monitoring system that allows to manage quality of rendered services.

The one, whose customers are top high-tech companies in oil and gas industry, mining, medicine, retail, software development, government and municipal agencies.

Unusual Startup with more than twenty years of history.

Originally born within LUKOIL Group it has dissociated to become independent company with the purpose to make use of accumulated high-tech experience for building products and provision of services for the open market.

Today it is a global company constantly exploring and developing new solutions, building new products, opening up new directions and markets.

You are welcome to discover our history.