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RCNTEC completes SAP systems migration to Oracle Exadata for Utkonos online hypermarket.

RCNTEC (АРСИЭНТЕК) – Russian IT developer and business solution provider has finished migration of high-load SAP systems from SPARC platform to Oracle Exadata/x86 for Utkonos online hypermarket – the leader in Internet retail of food and related goods.

Retail development in Russia and high level of competition create new demands, including those related to IT that have already become an essential part of business.

Multifunctional SAP systems are aimed at business processes automation and embrace main business activities such as accounting, banking systems, warehousing, logistics and shipping, cost accounting, analytics and more. SAP systems are used by leading retailers all over the world to improve their performance indicators, they also provide support of online trading and Internet-based stores.

"Utkonos" is the largest Russian online retailer that has been implementing SAP systems in their business since 2002. The migration of SAP systems to Oracle Exadata/x86 has increased performance and fault-tolerance of the systems significantly.

RCNTEC has a great experience in implementing and management of SAP-based systems as well as huge background in engineering of new systems, rapid development of system landscapes and SAP performance optimization.

«Our specialists have completed courses in SAP training centers and implemented dozens of projects with SAP-based systems. Total production databases volume of “Utkonos” at the time of migration to new platform was 11 TB. As far as those systems are business-critical the time window for migration approved by customer was no more than 90 minutes for all databases combined. With a network capacity of 1Gbps at most, the standard export/import migration or use of transportable tablespaces could in no way fit in the given constraints. RCNTEC specialists implemented cross-platform database migration using Oracle GoldenGate. Test migration was performed and post-migration consistency check procedure was designed and optimized to ensure results of production migration. As a result, the project of databases migration to Oracle Exadata/x86 platform has been successfully completed with downtime under approved 90 minutes» - says Vice-President of Data Centers of RCNTEC Anton Usanov.

«Operating information systems serving high amounts of customers’ requests round-the-clock provides one of the key advantages of the market. It’s crucial to us to have our systems operating faultlessly. The migration of production SAP systems with less than 90 minutes of downtime, considering the amount of our uninterruptable on-line operations, was a sophisticated problem, which was solved by RCNTEC specialists successfully. There are few companies in Russia at the moment experienced enough to perform such job while the costs of involvement of foreign specialists, especially in current economic situation, in most cases is order of magnitude higher» - says Head of Information Systems Department of "Utkonos" online-hypermarket Sergei Husainov.

RCNTEC operates SAP systems of "Utkonos" since September 2016.


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