RCM SetTopBox hardware-software complex

For any company that uses information systems, communication networks or complicated infrastructure in its business processes, the efficiency of all the complex of applied solutions is critical. Failures and downtimes result in both financial and reputational expenses.

The system condition monitoring is also a key element in infrastructure use. The main requirement for systems that monitor the condition of equipment and systems, in addition to their high reliability, performance and fail-safety, is their simplicity, intuitiveness and understandability.

Hardware-software Resilient Cloud Monitoring SetTopBox complex solves the problem of a convenient and intuitive display of information about the state of the systems for helpdesks, managers responsible for the service, or headmasters. The combination of the Resilient Cloud Monitoring system and SetTopBox, specially designed for it, enables at a glance:

  • immediately discover the problems in the exploited systems and infrastructure
  • see the problem areas with the indication of the failed elements and the names of responsible staff with their phones
  • see the prerequisites for failures in the form of events happening when the system deviates from specified parameters during the exploitation of single elements and systems in general
  • get analytics and event correlation on information systems
  • have clear real-time operation reports

RCM SetTopBox features:

  • processor – based on ARM architecture
  • RAM – 1GB DDR3
  • network – Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • operating system based on Linux



  • main unit block – 1pc
  • external power adapter – 1pc
  • MicroHDMI to HDMI кабель external power adapter – 1pc*

* - depends on the package you choose


Price and warranty

The price is given on request.

Standard warranty on RCM SetTopBox is 1 year.

Deliveries with 2 or 3 year-warranty are possible.

Feel free to contact us at any time!