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Axoft starts partnership with RCNTEC on Resilient Cloud Storage

Axoft, the service IT-distributor in Russia and CIS, and RCNTEC, Russian developer of scalable cloud solutions for business, have concluded a distributor agreement, within the framework of which Axoft will forward the new product — Resilient Cloud Storage system.

Partnership of Axoft and RCNTEC will allow to expand the number of Resilient Cloud Storage users and uplevel the awareness of the product amongst the providers of IT-solutions and services. The partnership was commenced due to the increase of interest towards data storage systems, which, in its turn, is caused by the signed in 2016 "Yarovaya Law" and the course of the country towards import substitution. The flow of demand was also confirmed by think tanks. According to IDC, for example, starting from 2016 the Russian data storage market has demonstrated growth in monetary terms: +7,1% in the first quarter, +23,2% — the second, +3,8% — the third.

According to Axoft, Resilient Cloud Storage will be the most popular among the customers of public, bank, telecom and industrial sectors. Ahead of it's opponents the solution shows optimal match in price and quality: it meets the requirements of Ministry of Communications; it is developed in Russia using the own vendor's industrial facilities, which grants no less than 20% advantage in price; the solution implemented a new conception of "horisontal scalability", which provides versatile expand of capacity from few terabytes up to hundreds of petabytes.

Axoft actively build up expertise towards data storage systems and are ready to deliver the following services to their partners: product and technical consulting, financial and marketing support. Also, together with the vendor, distributor will provide training for the partners and take part in organizing of inaugural projects. «Adding of Resilient Cloud Storage to the product portfolio of Axoft – is one more step towards reinforcement of competences and expand of product range for data processing centers», - comments on the new partnership Ivan Perov, the business development manager of RCNTEC, Axoft.

«In the years ahead the domestic market of data storage providers is going to change, which is mostly caused by the state initiatives: "Yarovaya Law", the Message of President of the Russian Federation about the development of hardware and software for data storage in Russia. All of this creates significant opportunity for the development of data storage market and expand of domestic manufactures. I am sure that Resilient Cloud Storage will be able to occupy a decent position on the market», — comments Michail Pribochiy, CEO of Axoft.

«We are actively developing the product of new type in such a class: a horisontally scalable solution, allowing to create a clod of any size in one's own data processing centers. Some of the key benefits of Resilient Cloud Storage are the effectiveness and simplicity of work with great amounts of data, which plays significant role in choosing the product you need. Partnership with such a great distributor as Axoft, will allow us to increase our influence on IT-market and embrace the widest possible range of clients», — comments Dennis Neshtoon, CEO of RCNTEC.

Formation of a contract on Resilient Cloud storage has become the first stage of partnership of the two companies. In the nearest future Axoft intends for development of sales of other RCNTEC solutions, including two-factor authentication system AUTH.AS and the system of information security monitoring COMPLAUD.

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