RCNTEC / Products

Data storage system Resilient Cloud Storage   

Resilient Cloud Storage (RCS) is a high-performance, fault-tolerant, self-healing storage system with horizontal scaling, which combines the functions of an object, block and file storage. The core of the system is the technology used by the majority of commercial cloud platforms.

Resilient Power Control Module RPCM   

RPCM combines functions of remote power management, automatic transfer switching without interruption of connected devices, short circuit protection and power consumption metering on each output independently.

Two-factor authentication service AUTH.AS   

When an employee tries to access any information, the system adds a second factor of authentication to his login information - a software one-time password that cannot be intercepted. Convenient, simple and reliable mechanism highly enhances the security of access/entry points.

RCM SetTopBox hardware-software complex   

Resilient Cloud Monitoring SetTopBox was specially designed for the Resilient Cloud Monitoring system. Hardware-software RCM SetTopBox complex solves the problem of a convenient and intuitive display of information about the state of the systems for helpdesks, managers responsible for the service, or headmasters.

Resilient telephony gateway Resilient Sip Box   

Hardware-software complex Resilient Sip Box (RSB) - VOIP Application Layer Gateway – effective, high-performance device, designed to provide telephone communication to remote objects in case of accidents on data transmission channels of infrastructures with the use of IP PBXs from different manufacturers.

Monitoring information security and auditing compliance with standards and settings COMPLAUD       

Resilient Cloud Compliance Audit System COMPLAUD is an elastic distributed system for Monitoring information security and auditing compliance with standards and settings, an opportunity for a company of any size to have dynamic and uninterrupted view of security of its IT infrastructure.