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RCNTEC has launched RPCM.CLOUD

RCNTEC has announced the production release of RPCM.CLOUD - the out-of-box cloud based power monitoring and management solution for RPCM Smart PDUs.

RPCM Smart PDUs provide tightest integration of functionality compared to all Smart PDUs available on the market, including per socket control, per socket metering, short circuit isolation, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, automatic transfer switching, watchdog restart automation, grounding control, power budget control, zero-downtime software and firmware upgrades and much more. All of this is coupled with easy to use yet powerful interfaces designed by design and development team with long experience in operations of extremely large scale business-critical infrastructures with very high uptime requirements.

RPCM Smart PDUs help many customers to improve uptime, reduce downtime and save on operation costs.

“Оnce our customers start using RPCMs, they quickly realize the necessity of a centralized monitoring and management system to collect telemetry, logs, usage graphs, group RPCMs into locations, manage device life cycles etc. Building this functionality from scratch requires huge efforts to set up, ensure reliability and support. More than that, nowadays engineers require remote access to data to make quick and correct decisions. RCNTEC delivers an already implemented centralized monitoring and management functionality out-of-box to all of its Customers for free* with purchase every RPCM by providing access to RPCM.CLOUD. All you need to do is to register company account and associate your RPCMs with your company account in the RPCM.CLOUD” - commented Dennis Neshtoon, Co-founder and CEO of RCNTEC.

Once RPCMs are registered they will start shipping telemetry to RPCM.CLOUD and you will get access to the following possibilities:

● Dashboard with data from all RPCMs from your infrastructure in a single view

● Detailed graphs of current, voltage, frequency and power (active, reactive and apparent) for each inlet and outlet of every RPCM

● Management of the lifecycle of your entire RPCM fleet to keep software and warranty up-to-date and be aware of connectivity of your devices

● Logs and telemetry to solve complex technical issues and track down unauthorized energy consumption

● Access to software updates for your RPCMs! Don't miss warranty renewals! Protect yourself from unforeseen repair costs!

● Grouping of your RPCMs to reflect their real placement to quickly find all graphs and logs when time doesn't wait

● Association of your RPCMs with geographical locations to quickly find your power infrastructure on the map

● Flexible monitoring of the total power consumption for each input / output for the time period you're interested in

● Zoom-in the chart area and get consumed kilowatt hours for the chosen period

● Estimate monthly consumption of your equipment for different usage patterns with forecasting functionality in graphs

● Find your consumers in power infrastructure quickly with sorting by current consumption, accumulated kwh etc., and filtering by names, descriptions and exceptions states in the Ports functionality

Start improving your infrastructure today for free* with RPCM.CLOUD!

* RPCM.CLOUD is free for RPCMs under active warranty coverage.


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