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RPCM Software Release version 0.7.7!

Dear Subscribers and RPCM Users!

We're happy to announce the new RPCM Software Release version 0.7.7!

This is mainly a bugfix release, however it also introduces some security, stability, and usability features and improvements.

We urge you to upgrade to this release as soon as possible, as we have fixed some rare, but still possible situations, that may lead to RPCMs not functioning correctly or losing remote control.

As many of our customers appreciate, RPCM Updates DO NOT require interruption to power supply of consumers, so our updates do not require long advance planning or waiting for maintenance windows.

Below are the Release notes:

Version 0.7.7 (Released 2018-05-15) (latest version available to customers)

New Features

- Authentication keys for REST API

- Turn On All/Turn Off All/Reset All Outlets functionality added to web interface

- User logs are now shipped to the cloud if telemetry shipping is enabled



- Added notification about insecure connection in web

- Internal metering measurements precision increased by a factor of 100

- Updated included User Manual

- Firmware update 0.9.454 adds High Level Controller watchdog functionality to automatically recover High Level Controller from unexpected hangs leading to remote inaccessibility

- Now we use sliders instead of checkboxes in web interface for better clarity


Bug Fixes

- Firmware update 0.9.454 corrects bug with possible corruption of counters of 2nd inlet and loss of second inlet

- Firmware update 0.9.454 corrects possible ATS switchovers while voltage and frequency are in range

- Fixed bug leading to Bonjour not working if RPCM has started without network

- Fixed bug leading to Dashboard not changing locales sometimes

- Fixed bug preventing from sending email to any addresses except the first one


As usual, please contact our Support Team via support@rpcm.pro  or via our rpcm.pro website livechat with your RPCM's Serial Names and current software versions to get links to your updates.

We would be extremely grateful for your feedback on new features and your experience with RPCMs in general.

Many thanks for being our customers!


With kindest regards

RCNTEC RPCM Support Team

+ (495) 009 87 87,