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Managing the smart power distribution unit RPCM has become truly mobile

RCNTEC announced the release of a free mobile app for its remote power control module - RPCM (Resilient Power Control Module).

On March 6th, 2018, the app became available for the iPhone and iPad in the AppStore.

RCNTEC's developers endeavored to make the mobile app as simple to control and intuitive for the user as possible.

Just like in the web interface, the capability of monitoring the main voltage in real time, turning on/off and resetting any of the inputs and outlets, and tracking device temperature and power consumption for each individual outlet remains.

Mobile users can enjoy simple color-coded indication for outlets and inlets: green for active, blue for active but not used, and gray for turned off. Incorrect input grounding is displayed as a flashing yellow color.

The RPCM mobile client is capable of identifying a device by sound or the blinking of display. And for convenience, each input or output can be individually identified.

The mobile app automatically scans the WiFi network, shows all RPCM devices on the network in a list, and allows for simultaneous connection to several RPCM modules.

The app for the iPhone and iPad can be downloaded by going to the link.

To get more detailed information about the device and place your advance order, go to rpcm.pro.

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