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COMPLAUD. Customer’s data security is our top priority!


We perfectly well realize that the most important part of the “to use or not to use the cloud” question is the data security part. Many fear that administrators of the cloud system or intruders who possessed this data as a result of its leakage can use the credentials (logins / passwords / private keys / password phrases) to access the scanned servers and network devices.

"All-in-one" PDU, or super-functional PDU, is a novel solution for datacenters


The market of power distribution units (PDUs) is flooded with different types of such devices as basic PDUs (in fact, simply supply network-grade power distribution to multiple devices), metered ones (show real-time load monitoring on the input side), monitored ones (provide monitoring over the network), switched PDUs (overall control of outlets and networking clients by switching them on/off and remotely rebooting connected equipment), switched metered-by-outlets PDUs which encompass all the functionality of previous lower level devices and make it even more advanced featuring monitoring power consumption of individual outlets in real-time over the network, switching them on/off remotely for unscheduled reboots, automated load shedding, controlled power-cycling, and more.

New Era of Software-Defined Solutions for Data Storage Industry


Software-defined storage (SDS) term has been around for a decade. However, the practical realization and customers’ awareness of it was evidenced only recently. So why software-defined storage? Apparently, the name implies something different from hardware-based storage. In fact, the reality does not let us enjoy clear differentiation, rather due to marketing efforts of leading storage system providers IT professionals need to dive into peculiarities of the related implementation levels, be it virtualization infrastructure, cloud-based computing, distributed data warehouse, etc, to be able to operationalize this notation in their every-day routine. This is because each of the mentioned levels can leverage SDS morphing of its storage management policy heavily (not to say solely) depending on specific problems IT team tries to solve.

Storage Space Availability As a Limiting Factor for Continuous Development


Current evidences in the continuous development show clear increasing tendency to conquer more and more sympathies of the developers’ world. Apart from reducing the cost, time, and risk of delivering incremental changes to users as was proclaimed in the famous formula by Martin Fowler, its principles and practices apparently facilitate the human power to concentrate on uninterrupted (namely, continuous) computing, i. e. creating code, building applications, designing usability and so on.