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SOCOCO helps financial brokers increase their efficiency


Moscow. March 9, 2016. MFX Broker Company, one of the leaders on the international market of brokerage services, has made SOCOCO virtual offices their ultimate solution enabling them to communicate between partners and colleagues from the CIS countries, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency of their business processes by 80%.

The experts from MFX Broker Company particularly praised the potential of SOCOCO virtual offices to train employees in different parts of the world. SOCOCO Virtual offices allow you to establish the learning process with maximum clarity, in the watch-and-do mode. The ability to share your screen with the colleagues and to demonstrate your actions in real time, simultaneously making explanations and answering questions, makes SOCOCO a unique tool in providing distance learning.

On the whole, the number of SOCOO virtual office users continues to grow rapidly – at the moment the service is actively being used by over 1500 companies from the Russian-speaking Internet community.

Mr. Igor Volkov, President of MFX Broker, says:

"From the moment we started using SOCOCO virtual offices, the effectiveness of the learning process, as well as business communication between our staff members, have grown significantly. We can see each other and we know who is working with whom at the moment. At the same time, the SOCOCO office system allows you to keep as much privacy as you need. This tool offers new prospects for the growth of our business by improving the quality and efficiency of our services. "

Mr. Alexander Stolyarov, Director of Relations with Corporate Clients of RCNTEK Company, says:

"SOCOCO virtual offices, in principle, are suitable for any activities that involve interactions between people. The service is effective in the field of financial brokerage as the players have to be always in touch with each other, to exchange information and share it with their partners. MFX Broker, in general, has made a breakthrough, becoming one of the first companies to use this service. We plan to actively promote the virtual offices in the sphere of brokerage. We are confident that the widespread implementation of SOCOCO will give a powerful impetus to the development of this area of business. "