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Number of SOCOCO users went up fivefold last year

According to statistics from RCNTEC, an official reseller of SOCOCO virtual offices in the Russian Federation, CIS and Eastern European countries, the number of registered users reached 5000 by the end of 2016. This is five times more than in December 2015.

Record demand occurred last April and was related to the release of the web version of the virtual office in Russian. About 150 companies per a week registered at the website www.sococo.ru during that period. 

In addition to commercial enterprises – representatives of small and medium business, SOCOCO virtual offices began to be used successfully for medical consultations, as well as in education.

“We’ve been teaching children, using distance learning technology since 2003. It’s important for us that our students feel comfortable and confident, learn with delight, and develop their skills and talents. The SOCOCO virtual space makes real communication possible for the children, allows them to feel like a part of society, and is suitable for both individual and team work,” comments the director of Educational Center “Technology for Learning,” Olga Asayanova.

“The rapid growth in the number of those using virtual offices and their assimilation and application in new areas speak to the market’s readiness to and customers’ welcome of these new technologies. Over the past year virtual offices have become even more convenient with a browser version having appeared in Russian and a free mobile application for Android and iOS appearing in Google Play or AppStore. They’ve also been fitted with the corporate messenger Slack,” comments Alexander Stolyarov, Director of Corporate Client Relations at RCNTEC.

According to data from the service HeadHunter, the number of vacancies with the option of working remotely increased by one and a half times in 2016 when compared with the previous year. Using SOCOCO virtual offices allows employers to optimize the work of their remote employees to the maximum without loss of control over workflow.

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