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Intellin chosen the Smart PDU RPCM to ensure the smooth operation of their infrastructure

Multiservice company Intellin chose Smart PDU RPCM by RCNTEC to improve the efficiency and reliability of its own infrastructure.

“We continuously test the latest equipment and try to put the best technical solutions of the market into daily use. This concerns not only our customers, but also our own infrastructure. Therefore, we were pleased to discover the Smart PDU RPCM from RCNTEC, the functionality of which not only justified, but also exceeded our expectations” commented Kirill Denisov, Head of the Department for Development of Services and Services of Intellin LLC.

“We are confident that the Smart PDU RPCM will help Intellin take a fresh look at the organization of power supply of equipment and will significantly improve the availability of their infrastructure. We are constantly refining and improving our products and are optimistic about the continuation of cooperation with Intellin in 2019” comments Alexander Stolyarov, Director of corporate sales at RCNTEC.

RPCM is the smartest and most functionally advanced Smart PDU in the world.

Smart PDU RPCM combines in one device remote management (WEB/SSH/SNMP/REST API), short circuit protection on each outlet, ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), proper grounding diagnostic, power meters on each of 10 outlets, watchdog timer for automatic restart of hanged equipment, fire protection and configurable delays upon power supply restoration allowing to start infrastructure in the right sequence and avoid high starting currents.

RPCMs are already in use in 14 countries and in more than 20 cities in Russia by diverse industries, such as mining, telecom, data centers, logistics, satellite navigation, energy, smart cities infrastructure planning, banking, software development, hosting and many others, where business success depends on infrastructure availability.

Get more information about RPCM Smart PDU at rpcm.pro.


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