The Microsoft Exchange email system

Technology platform: the Microsoft Exchange 2010 mail system

Now in service: 36000 mailboxes (addresses)

We offer you to take advantage of Cloud e-mail System service, that has become classics in corporate environment, sharing of information and documents via the Internet.

The features and benefits of mail implementing based on Microsoft Exchange:

АРСИЭНТЕК_Microsoft Exchange из облака

  • spam and virus protection
  • Data Leak Protection
  • your mail will be disposed in 3 independent Data Processing Centers: even the malfunction of 2 data centers will only cause a brief interruption in the service
  • we will help you to choose, register and maintain your e-mail domains
  • The Always ON replication technology
  • this software suite provides guaranteed fail-safety and operational continuity
  • mail databases backup with the use of the online snapshot technology
  • the ability to restore any mailbox at a granular level allows you to practically exclude the loss of any mail message
  • service from a company with 15 years of experience in support of tens of thousands of e-mail clients
  • 24-hour system maintenance with the help of Resilient Cloud Monitoring and Quick response department
  • 24-hour tech support for users by United Dispatch Service

This solution guarantees:

  • online mail receiving, automatic update of calendars and contacts from e-mail clients under Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
  • mail client support on smartphones with mostly used OS (Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, Blackberry)
  • secure connection to your mail server using Microsoft Outlook 2003-2013, which allows you to use all functions of these mail clients from any place with Internet access
  • scheduling of appointments and meetings by sharing access to calendars with colleagues, allowing you to determine the possibility of meetings and other events
  • access to your corporate e-mail, calendar and contacts from nearly any Web browser using Microsoft Outlook Web App and a secure SSL connection
  • integration with another Microsoft applications (MS Lync, MS Share Point, One Note)

Benefits for you:

  • modern e-mail system for corporate work
  • spam protection
  • virus protection
  • Data Leak Protection
  • corporate address book organization
  • can be integrated with other communication systems, for example, Microsoft Lync
  • mail client support on smartphones and tablets
  • service from a company with 15 years of experience in support of tens of thousands of customers

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