Enterprise portal - Global office

Technology platform: Bitrix24

Standard Bitrix24 features "out of box":

  • task setting and task management system
  • information about employees and types of communication
  • indication of presence
  • messaging, chat
  • planning ofmeeting and booking of meeting rooms
  • internal communication (like social networks)
  • contains information about the structure of the company
  • information about employee absence (vacation, business trip)
  • shared access to documents
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • e-mail integration

Additional features:

When we started using this product, we immediately saw great values of Bitrix24! But still, we found some disadvantages. We have improved the "bottlenecks" and now it is much easier to work in it!

1. The great task setting and task management functionality. When there's a significant amount of tasks, you begin to miss the opportunity to quickly find a specific one. Especially when over time, the names of many tasks match up. To solve this problem, we added the display of task number and the ability to search tasks by their number in key places on the portal.

2. When the portal is used by a great number of offices where people go on vacation, get sick, travel, you greatly lack the display of these facts, and the possibility to appoint alternates, with the powers of the replaced people. We modified the basic modules of the Bitrix, enabling them to make our work easier. Now, when planning tasks and assigning participants, you immediately see the display information about the timing and reasons for their absence, which provides more flexible and accurate planning.

3. Standard integration of 1C:PPC (Payment and Personal Control) and Bitrix has a great function of the employee vacation time display on the portal, planned in 1C:PPC. Also, for vacation planning in 1C:PPC (out of box) manual coordination process is used, that requires a large number of HR department work. We decided that this process can be implemented better, and developed a module for the vacation approval right on the portal, followed by automatic synchronization of the information about the vacation with 1C:PPC.

4. Having made the tasks on the portal the cornerstone of the processes in our company, we realised that the box version lacks lots of user-friendly details, such as:

  • ability to allow or deny the responsible people to change deadlines
  • ability to ban creating tasks without deadlines
  • ability to link financial motivation of staff to the fact and/or time task execution
  • ability of responsible people to add observers
  • ability to display all tasks without the pagination

5. Bitrix24 includes the ability to enhance access security with the use of two-factor authentication, however, it does not allow to use the external for two-factor authentication systems. Since we use two-factor autentification in different systems, we have modified the authentication module of Bitrix, creating the possibility of using external two-factor authentication systems.

6. Bitrix has an excellent, widely spread in the world, built-in knowledge base - wiki. We started to actively use it, filling the internal knowledge base, however, we realised that the built-in Bitrix wiki-search does not index wiki-documents. We've fixed this annoying insufficiency.

7. In addition, we closely integrated the workflow system into the portal, the version control system (gitlab), the archive of documents.

8. We also added online training system and testing of employees' knowledge.

9. All work is performed by certified in the 1C-Bitrix system specialists.


Benefits for you:

We offer you to increase the efficiency and convenience of your business with minimum cost and effort. Just start using our cloud solution for the Enterprise portal - Global office.

Using a corporate portal, you greatly increase the effectiveness of teamwork. You replace an unstructured communication through e-mails with collaborative work on tasks, effective and clear for everyone. You always know what your employees are doing. Without any additional efforts you create knowledge base of your company, just using the portal. You have a real opportunity to eradicate paper flow.

If you purchase a Corporate portal - a Global office in RCNTEC, we are ready to provide you with our know-how experience as a bonus.

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