Resilient Cloud Telephony

Technology platform: BroadWorks by BroadSoft Inc., 5th class SoftSwitch.

Now in service: 7 900 subscribers

This software suite provides:

  • developing and building of corporate telephone networks, which unite the central office and regional/remote branches into a single digital space

  • telephone penetration into distributed network facilities (petrol stations, shops, pharmacies, etc.)

  • wireless communication systems based on DECT

  • the use of mobile phone (GSM, CDMA) as part of the corporate telephony

  • creating of communication systems at industrial facilities with severe operating conditions

  • connection of the office and branches in places of presence to the public telephone network (PSTN) using:

    • protocols ISDN PRI (E1), SS7, etc.

    • 2-wire city lines

    • SIP protocol to an ITSP providers

  • connection to wireless networks, GSM, CDMA, LTE standards

  • support of subscribers' work with:

    • ip phones

    • software clients on laptops and PCs

    • software clients on smartphones and tablets with any mobile OS — iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

    • videophones

  • simultaneous support for multiple subscriber devices for one subscriber

  • videoconferencing

  • connection of audio-recording systems

  • standard Fax and Fax-over-ip support

  • Fax to Email/ Email to Fax service

  • services of contact centre with United Dispatcher Service (UDS)

  • all types of automatic telephone station services: call transfer, auto attendant, IVR, Voicemail, etc.

  • virtual ATS service

  • integration with office ATS, industrial ATS of previous generations with the use of VoIP gateways

  • development, scaling, reliability:

    • easy scaling, system expansion

    • working in a virtual environment (cloud), placement in data center

    • reservation of all resources

    • providing an additional autonomy of the branches (the use of special gateways that support independent work at the time of fail of connection with the central server due to force majeure conditions, Survivable Remote Site Telephony)

Solution examples:

1. Corporate telephone network LUKNET-M for the LUKOIL Group.

2. Creating of telephone communication lines between gas stations and offices or oil refineries.

Benefits for you:

Modern corporate communication system with a complete set of services, integration with other communication systems, support of branches and distributed network units. Support of subscribers mobility.

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