The Quick Response Department

Even when we only started creating our IT services, we realized that to support the work of the systems, which operate 24\7, you need a service that is ready to discover and quickly fix the failure 24\7 as well.

We created such service and called it the quick response department.

It is the "first line of defense against failures" of our customer service. The service relies on the Centralized Monitoring System. If you have read other sections of our site, you must have seen more than one mention of this useful system. This system monitors all equipment and all systems, builds dependency tree, showing what have suffered from the failure, and shows operational information to the duty specialist: what has failed, and what does not work. And most importantly, which component suffered a malfunction, and who should fix it.

In addition, the duty specialists of the quick response department works closely with the dispatch service and connects the required technical specialists to the fixing of failures, even at night, when most of the technical experts rest.

The primary failure diagnostics begins with the duty shift of quick response department. Most crashes can be fixed immediately. In the most severe cases that require the help of more qualified professionals, duty specialists attract specialized technical experts, conveying them the results of the performed diagnosis and the action taken.

Specialists of the department also monitor leased communications across the planet and interact with providers of telecommunication services when the monitoring system detects problems with data transfer channels.

Currently, our company serves, as part of the IT infrastructure and communication systems of our main customer, the LUKOIL Group, more than 10 thousands of different devices, located on the territory of Russia and abroad.

Hardware failures happen — it's only a matter of time. Four key aspects allow us to reduce the impact of failures on the work of systems of the customers:

  • remote access for all administrators to the equipment and systems
  • automatic detection of probability of failure, the occurrence of failure and its causes
  • the employees professionality
  • the ability to build a system so that single crashes wouldn't affect them

The staff of the quick response department are real professionals, perfectly oriented in modern technologies, which can solve problems of the IT infrastructure of any scale. Over time, each person has a little or serious change of interests. And the guys from the quick response department, realizing that it is time to focus more closely on specific themes of the world of IT, go to the relevant departments. But the experience of problem solving in the quick response department really helps them to cope with the complexities arising in the new field. We value our specialists very much.

The department is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Feel free to contact us at any time!