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Satellite communication

To provide communication services in remote and inaccessible regions, RCNTEC widely uses modern and effective technology of satellite communications in Key, C-and Ka-bands. At the present time, in order to provide the services, we deployed more than 200 earth stations of satellite communication technology which provide bandwidth on demand of LinkStar, LinkWay, iDirect, VSAT Plus 3, SkyWire, as well as SCPC technology (single channel on a carrier).

RCNTEC offers satellite communication services using a constellation of satellites-repeaters that provide service within the entire territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the Central stations in Moscow and Volgograd.

The united network operation and quick response centre ensures the stable operation of all systems and uninterrupted round-the-clock services.

The development of satellite communication network is carried out in cooperation with major Russian and foreign satellite operators – the Federal state unitary enterprise Space Communications, RuSat, ROILCOM, DOZOR-TELEPORT, GTNT, Sati TL-94, JSC VimpelCom and other.



By 1997, in 13 Russian cities, the first stations of an automated highway network of satellite communications C-band, powered by "Global Macs" stations, were introduced in prototype testing. The network control center of satellite communications and 24/7 monitoring was located in Moscow. Satellite communication network covered 35 regions: republics, territories, regions and autonomies in Western Siberia, Ural, Volga region and South of European part of Russia.

In 2003 the Ku-band satellite communications network was put into operation, using LinkStar and LinkWay technologies. To date, it has around 200 subscriber small satellite terminals placed at petrol stations and other customer facilities.

From 2009 to the present time the deployment of enterprise communication systems on the North Caspian fields and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district is in process.

RCNTEC company is directly involved in the design and maintenance of satellite earth stations placed on gas stations and oil depots in the deployment of corporate automated control system (CASS) stations for the LUKOIL Group organizations, building systems for remote monitoring of drilling and creation of corporate communication networks on the basis of the satellite channels on the North Caspian fields (n.a. U. Korchagin and Filanovsky), Varandey oil export terminal and other hard-to-reach objects.

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