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Radio relay system Ericsson Mini-LinkTM E

Mini-LinkTM E is a production of Ericsson company, radio relay system, intended for communication between separate objects and is suitable for networks of any type. Compact microwave facilities are made with advanced technology and offer maximum reliability. High performance is ensured in particular by the fact that the facilities have the average time between failures of 30 years. Standardized interfaces guarantee the integration into all types of communication networks. Mini-LinkTM E may have a configuration that satisfies the requirements of any networks in range and data transfer rate. This instrument operates in the frequency range 7-37 GHz and has a data transfer rate from 2 till 2x17 Mbit/s Mini-LinkTM E terminals can be used in networks of any configuration – in the form of a star, tree or ring.

To improve the reliability you can use redundant systems 1+1 type or networks with ring network structure. Mini-LinkTM E products are divided into two branches to meet the requirements of the efficiency of the networks with high density:

  • autonomous, fully outdoor equipment Mini-LinkTM E provides the minimum cost of a website

  • Mini-LinkTM E equipment allows us to optimally compose multiterminal sites for specific terminals

Powerful tool for centralized monitoring and management network is the special element manager - Mini-Link Netman. It can be used as a stand-alone system or be integrated into the overall Network Management System (NMS). All the necessary control functions are supported.

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