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Local and wireless networks

АРСИЭНТЕК_Проектирование и строительство локальных и беспроводных сетей

Today's local and wireless networks is a modern approach, flexibility, mobility, ease of operation and high speed of data transmission. We offer solutions that use the last time technology, meets all modern requirements and allows end-users to focus on being productive.

RCNTEC provides:

  • designing and building of Wi-Fi networks based on 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, frequency 2.4/5 GHz for small and large companies with branches on all territory of Russia. With a common coverage area within office or enterprise including one or a complex of buildings. Flat networking – using single Wi-Fi points, hierarchical – with one or two controllers to provide fault tolerance. Solutions based on equipment of Cisco, Huawei, Mikrotik

  • designing and building of local area networks of varying degrees of complexity, taking into account peculiarities of the SCS, quality of service and customer requirements. The integration of multiple remote offices into a single local network. The use of derivative MPLS technologies, making VoIP segments. The following line switches are used for building: Cisco Catalyst 2960X/C3750X/C3850/C6500, Huawei S2700/S3700/S5700, Mikrotik Router Board

  • developing and preparing of the network infrastructure for Data Processing Centers (DPC) using the following lines of equipment from different manufacturers: Cisco Nexus 5500/5600/7100/9000, Huawei Cloud Engine 6800, Brocade VDX Series

  • maintenance and support of clients – advice on issues of interest, monitoring and operational troubleshooting services of the network after building it

  • modernization of the existing network infrastructure

Among our partners there are such large companies and leaders in the market of production of telecommunication equipment like Cisco Systems, Huawei Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, Brocade, MikroTik. Hundreds of projects have been developed and implemented using the equipment of these companies.

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