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Global multiservice networks

АРСИЭНТЕК_Проектирование и строительство глобальных мультисервисных сетей

RCNTEC has accumulated great experience in the creation of distributed global multiservice networks with the number of connected objects from single to thousands and the geographical scope from regional to federal.

Our company offers its corporate customers the services of creating "on turnkey basis" their own geographically-distributed networks, connecting the spread points of presence (offices, data centers, warehouses, service points, technology and production facilities, etc.) into a single information infrastructure.

Creating the networks we applied positively proven technological solutions selected on the criteria of optimality of the particular customer subject to the requirements of fault tolerance, scalability, and security requirements of active network applications, including real-time applications such as telephony and video conferencing.

As solution components, we use network equipment from leading world vendors (Cisco, Huawei, Mikrotik, etc.) and the transport services from service providers, selected in compliance with the needs of the customer. Thus RCNTEC, having corresponding licenses of communication provider, is ready to offer it's services as a transport framework for the network of communication channels, data transmission and Internet access.

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