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Design and construction of communication radio networks

One of the important activities of RCNTEC is design, construction, implementation and maintenance of modern digital telecommunication systems on the basis of radio relay equipment, trunking communication equipment, broadband data communication equipment.

The main types of works and services provided to the Customers in this area:

  • project and survey works

  • feasibility study

  • budgeting process

  • specific Customer problem solution

  • complex equipment delivery

  • installation and commissioning of equipment

  • installation and programming of equipment

  • warranty and post-warranty service

  • education and training of client's personnel

  • consulting

  • technical support and organization of the "hot line"

The main types of modern digital electronic communication systems, which are designed on the basis of radio communication network supported by the company in the provision of services to Customers:

  • digital microwave radio (Ericsson, SR-500, Natex Microlink, etc.) with the possibility of traffic transmission with a speed up to 150 Mbps at a distance of 30 km

  • digital trunking communication system (Tetra Nokia, Motorola, Mototrbo, etc.) with the provision of services of mobile radio to 10000 subscribers with support for 2000 simultaneous calls, depending on Nokia Tetra system configuration

  • broadband systems (Alvarion Wi-Max, SkyMAN, etc.) with the provision of data services by a bandwidth of 0.5 Mbps to 20 subscribers in 1 sector base station Alvarion Wi-Max, depending on the system configuration

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