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Audit of project documentation and construction supervision

RCNTEC offers audit of existing project documentation for:

  • accordance to the requirements of all-Union State Standard
  • the presence of "bottlenecks"
  • compliance with the expectations of the General customer (hereinafter the Customer) to the proposed design solutions

Additional features:

  • reduction in the cost of construction without compromising quality and functionality
  • preparation of technical specifications for construction
  • construction monitoring on behalf of the Customer

RCNTEC specialists often work on large construction projects, implementing not only their own projects but also carrying out projects on behalf of the Customer. Having extensive experience of executing such works, we can act on the supervision of construction on behalf of the Customer, because not every organization has the necessary staff unit. And this illustrates the inconsistency of real projects to the immediate conditions, you may require surgical intervention and the drafting of additional technical specifications for the construction or just the changes needed in the project. Also the iductory to completion of the project can also come from the end Customer.

Such a flexible adaptation in place and operational building control allow you to perform complex work and projects on schedule and not to quit on subcontractors.

Implemented projects:

Technical supervision on construction of communication networks on the diamond field, named after V. Grib for local mining and processing plant (MPP) under the contract with the general customer, JSC of Arkhangelskgeoldobycha (AGD).

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