Resilient Contact Center functionality

RCNTEC offers the creation of a single, unified distributed Contact center - RCC (Resilient Contact Center). Complete freedom in choosing of physical location of agents and an ability of centralized management and control.

We offer the implementation of all required functionality in one product:

  • Automatic Call Distribution system - ACD
  • Interactive Voice Response system - IVR, IVVR (video IVR)
  • software agent with phone integrated
  • support of agent's workplaces on any terminal device you choose (PC, IP telephone, mobile (CosmoGo for WinMobile), traditional phone)
  • web-chat, e-mail, voice call, fax processing
  • telephone conversation recording, recording of the actions of an operator (the video image screen of the monitor) to monitor the quality of service
  • subscribers calling programs
  • monitoring of all system resources in real time (call queue, the presence/absence and the status of operators, etc.)
  • chronological reporting
  • open documented program interfaces for integration with other applications and services (Service Desk, ASR/TTS (voice recognition/speech generation), fax systems)



  • all communication channels: voice, mail, fax, chat and video
  • full IP solution
  • linear performance scaling
  • global fault tolerance
  • simple integration with the information system
  • intelligent routing of requests based on the information received from the client or any external database


1. Interface of an operator (agent) and the supervisor

                                                             Operator interface

  • all types of calls in one application
  • built-in softphone
  • display of full information about the call (including those received from external systems in the IVR)
  • Russian and English interface
  • video support
  • standard CTI functions
  • Web Collaboration
  • record on request

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_интерфейс оператора

                                                         Supervisor interface

Supervisor interface includes an operator interface, plus the following:

  • Silent Monitoring (listening of an agent)
  • Whisper Coaching (promting)
  • Barge-In (call diversion on the supervisor)
  • Real-Time reports
  • Historical reports
  • Agent-Supervisor connection
  • messages for all the agents

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_интерфейс супервизора


2. Reporting in real time

  • supervisors can create their own visualizations for different data
  • setting of thresholds and alarms
  • filters for highlighting of specific groups, agents, applications or queues
  • flexible means of formatting and presenting data, the agent filter means
  • export to MS Excel or other external applications

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_отчётность в режиме реального времени

3. Chronological reporting

Detailed statistics for all system parameters allows you to identify the weaknesses of call processing organization, and effectively distribute the operators workload.

  • based on Microsoft Reporting Services
  • different presentation formats (tables, graphs, histograms, etc.)

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_хронологическая отчётность

  • ability to create your own reports

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_создание отчётов

  • detailed itemization of all calls

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_детализация вызовов

  • recording of information about all events in the Contact center

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_информация обо всех событиях

4. Record

  • ability to record all types of calls — voice, video, chat, mail, and also the screens of operators
  • viewing and listening by the supervisor of the recorded calls, including the ones transferred to other subscribers

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_запись всех типов вызовов

5. Integration ability

  • open standards and protocols are used
  • simplicity of integration – integration can take hours and can be performed by the customer himself (without the involvement of the vendor/supplier)
  • APIs
  • Web services
  • SOAP / XML
  • COM / COM+ / DCOM / ActiveX
  • Scripts
  • Active Scripting – VBScript / Jscript
  • CosmoDesigner – CallXML
  • databases
  • SQL / Exchange / OLE DB / XML

6. Outbound campaigns (subscribers call programs)

  • support of one and the same agent group participation in multiple campaigns at the same time
  • flexible rules for outgoing calls
  • transparent introduction/exclusion of agents in the campaign without loss of calls
  • multiple filters support

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_исходящие кампании

  • the mechanism of SQL-queries to create filters of any complexity (for advanced users)

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_механизм SQL-запросов

  • for campaign management, you can use the schedules in which starting and stopping of campaigns will occur automatically

АРСИЭНТЕК_Контакт-центр_расписания кампаний

  • support of the fail-tolerant database

Timing of the solution implementation

  • with the existing infrastructure —1 day and more (only installation)
  • with equipment delivery— up to 2.5 months (the whole project)


Profit and benefits

We provide design, implementation and provide further technical support of your company contact center.

Currently, we have implemented several solutions in the framework of this service for our customers.

We offer the following solutions:

  full integration of Resilient Contact Center (RCC) in your corporate system of telephony (design, implementation and technical support in the future)

  the placement of your operators (with any customer phone numbers) at the facilities of our RCC

  assistance in obtaining "good-looking" numbers

  assistance with the development of scenarios

  selection of operators and supervisors (outsourcing of operators in case of their absence in staff of your organization)

  speech recognition system as an extension of the functionality

  experimental functionality of the evaluation of emotional state of the caller


Feel free to contact us at any time!