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Functions and structure of the United Dispatch Service

The task of the United Dispatch Service

Quick solving of problems, appearing in the course of using the services and products provided by the Company.


  • receive customer calls
  • registration of the accepted service calls
  • troubleshooting or consulting
  • escalation of calls to higher level support (if needed)
  • on-line control of execution of the call
  • feedback from the client

Methods of treatment:

  • phone (all conversations are recorded)
  • fax
  • e-mail
  • WEB-portal
  • systems of integration
  • paper applications


  • periodic or on-demand, with a high degree of detail
  • complete database of applications, the opportunity to listen to the conversation




UDS is divided into two groups:

  • the United Dispatch Group East (UDG East) - location - Ufa-Perm, the main service area is MSK+2 and to the East
  • the United Dispatch Group West (UDG West) location - Volgograd, the main service area of the MSK and to the West, including foreign clients

The division into two groups enhances disaster tolerance - if one group is unavailable, customer calls quickly switch to another one.

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We use advanced equipment and software.





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