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Cryptographic protection of traffic

Cryptographic protection of information is the process of converting public information with the purpose of keeping it secret from unauthorized persons by using an algorithm, called a cipher.
In other words, cryptographic protection of information, being the basis of modern systems of information security in computer systems and networks, represents a set of data conversion methods designed to protect the data, making them useless for illegal users. Such transformations provide a solution to three main problems of data protection: confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the transmitted data.

RCNTEC has the necessary experience in implementation of projects using cryptographic protection of information based on products from world-famous brands (CheckPoint, Cisco, Mikrotik, infotecs, Amicon), and on the basis of free solutions. Our specialists implemented a number of projects for the protection of data transmission channels, including the interests of such customers as enterprises of the LUKOIL Group. Upon the completion of these projects, we continue to maintain and develop the infrastructure of our customers. Accumulated over the years experience and an existing special license allows us to design, implement and subsequently maintain systems that ensure the secure exchange of information between all participants of business processes: partners, customers, remote branch offices, mobile employees both on the basis of certified solutions, and on the basis of free ones.

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