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Application hosting

RCNTEC offers flexible solutions for the management of computing resources, providing the ability to scale on demand to decrease and increase, without the need of investments in the equipment of data center, server platforms, platform system administration, technical competence, etc.

The operating environment that is required for server operation and data storage can be organized and optimised for each business application based on the requirements for availability, performance, and recovery activities.

Medium and large companies have established processes and accumulated databases. Any failure in the process or in access to information or loss of information leads to loss of business, negative impact on the reputation of the company and provides additional opportunities to competitors.

Although it is impossible to completely prevent failures, it is possible to reduce the consequences and recovery time due to redundancy and streamlined recovery process.

RCNTEC offers server hosting and services of support of IT infrastructure based on Data Centers in Russia and Europe with no compromise in quality, safety and reliability.

RCNTEC services allow companies to optimise the IT operations and get rid of the routine, increasing your operational efficiency and flexibility and reducing total cost of ownership of IT.

Application access to user applications is possible from anywhere in the world. There is a single entry point for all customer's applications for all data center when using the backup data center system.

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