Internet access

АРСИЭНТЕК_доступ в Интернет

Reliable, high-quality access to Internet resources is an important factor of a successful business. RCNTEC offers customers the Internet connection service on the territory of Russian Federation with the use of a range of options of the "last mile" organization, including fiber-based, terrestrial and wireless links.

RCNTEC has a presence in the major traffic exchange points in Russia - MMTS-9, MMTS-10 and direct IP interconnections with dozens of operators. We can organize fail-safe (fully duplicated) connections to the Internet, including the use of BGP and providing address space to the company that not only provides stable access to the Internet, but also provides the ability to publish your own resources in the Internet without fear of inaccessibility. When passing traffic through a shared network, the issue of protection of that traffic becomes especially important. Beyond that, the Internet is a good alternative to dedicated communication channels for building the own multiservice network of data transmission by each organization.

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